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Quick translation - Traducción rápido

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Rexistrau: 17 Feb 2003
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Llugar: Maryland

MensaxePublicao: Vie Abr 21, 2006 2:20 pm    Asuntu: Quick translation - Traducción rápido Responder citando

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can get an instant translation from Google by clicking on your right mouse button and then selecting "translation".

(The resulting translation will be imperfect, and possibly hard to read, but it may help.)

Thanks to Terechu!


Si estás usando Internet Explorer como navegador, puedes conseguir una traducción instantánea de Google por hacer click con el tecla [botón ?] derecha del ratón y despues seleccionar "traducción".

(La traducción que resulta será imperfecta, y posiblemente difícil leer, pero quizá te ayude.)

¡Gracias a Terechu!
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Barbara Alonso Novellino

Rexistrau: 22 Och 2003
Mensaxes: 324
Llugar: Long Island, New York

MensaxePublicao: Vie Abr 21, 2006 5:47 pm    Asuntu: Responder citando

I use translation from google fequently.

The problem is...the translation isn't perfect...sometimes the words are turned around and some words aren't understood. However, it is good in a pinch.

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Site Admin

Rexistrau: 17 Feb 2003
Mensaxes: 4498
Llugar: Maryland

MensaxePublicao: Vie Abr 21, 2006 6:01 pm    Asuntu: Responder citando

You're right. Reverso.net does a better job, but with any machine translation you have to do a lot of correcting to make it readable.


Tienes razón. Reverso.net da resultados mejores, pero con cualquiera traducción de maquina tienes que hacer muchas correcciones para hacerlo fácil leer.
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Rexistrau: 24 Feb 2003
Mensaxes: 1745
Llugar: Connecticut and Massachusetts

MensaxePublicao: Vie Abr 21, 2006 7:12 pm    Asuntu: Responder citando

There was a post or two on translation issues a little over two years ago, comparing machine and human translations. You can view it at http://www.asturianus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=437&highlight=saddle
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jose luis

Rexistrau: 15 Feb 2006
Mensaxes: 9

MensaxePublicao: Vie Abr 28, 2006 7:59 am    Asuntu: TRADUCCION Responder citando

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Rexistrau: 30 Mar 2005
Mensaxes: 308
Llugar: Luray, VA. US

MensaxePublicao: Xue May 04, 2006 10:47 am    Asuntu: Responder citando

After reading this I installed the extension and it works like a charm. Once installed you need to close the browser and open it again, you'll find the it under 'Tools/translate/language'


In case you haven't heard, Mozilla Firefox was voted the number one product of 2005 by the PC World magazine and it has been adopted as the browser of choice by millions of users worldwide. Firefox provides added functionality, not only in the form of tabbed browsing, but also in the form of features such as popup blocking, integrated searches and easier accessibility for visually impaired people.

Now, what’s even better is that the people at Firefox haven’t stopped yet! They have implemented something known as extensions for Firefox. Extensions are basically add ons, which help multiply the innovative features that you have on your Firefox browser.

Like I said before, the five must have extensions for Firefox are listed below. If one of them sounds interesting to you, you can install them by clicking on the links that are provided after each extension description. Let's go!

1.) Translate

This is a small extension that translates Web pages (via the toolbar button) or selected text (via the context menu) from several different foreign languages into English.This plug-in (extension) uses babel fish to translate pages. It’s small, but it does the job effectively.

To install Translate

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