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You know you’ve studied in Asturias or Spain when….

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Rexistrau: 24 Set 2007
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MensaxePublicao: Xue Set 27, 2007 5:01 pm    Asuntu: You know you’ve studied in Asturias or Spain when…. Responder citando

copy + paste from a facebook group

You know you’ve studied in Asturias or Spain when….

We all know the ins and outs of Spanish culture...Here is just a glimpse...

1. The mullet, made for men and women alike.
2. You know what a croqueta is.
3. You've eaten more fish in one week than in your whole US life.
4. You know a Bocadillo and patatas fritas con ali-oli = heaven @ 4am
5. You have seen people in 50-degree weather in winter coats and scarves.
6. You know the meaning of a COPA GRANDE
7. You have done chupitos with the bartenders in Asturianu
8. You worked in the Asturianu
9. When you know how to the use the metro when the map is in Spanish.
10. You have a lisp...
11. You have stolen internet.
12. You watch a dog take a crap on the sidewalk and the owner doesn't clean it up.
13. You have encountered numerous people haciando un pis in the streets.
14. You have encountered tiny children wandering the streets.
15. Carnaval=Halloween but more fun ☺
16. You learned what the real meaning of paper-thin walls are and you officially feel too close to your vecinos now
17. Even if you’re Jewish you still get hooked up the the cerdo IV (those are not roman numerals)
18. You got drunk off wine.
19. You are a huge fan of the Menú del Día.
20. You stayed in the Gijón, Aviles or wherever til 6am because the trains and buses don’t start till then
21. You’re life span has been shortened 5 years because of the second hand smoke.
22. You have seen a cigarette box that says ¨smoking can cause a slow and painful death¨
23. You have learned that deodorant is obviously not necessary.
24. You have seen a vending machine with thongs and beer
25. You have had a staring contest with a stranger in the streets.
26. You’ve watched Simpsons, multiple multiple times.
27. You have trouble speaking both English and Spanish.
28. You’ve left the house to go out at 1am.
29. You know what a true dulce is.
30. You have never been to a store between 1430 and 1730.
31. You have fought with the lock on the door and have only won half the time.
32. You take forever long showers in hotels b/c the shower is bigger than your box of a shower
33. You’ve had bread everyday for every meal.
34. You know what Tío means
35. You know what Joder means.
36. You can take showers in a 2 ft box called a shower.
37. You jump when you hear the words Vamos A Comer
38. Your dinnertime is about 2130.
39. You know what Corte Inglés is.
40. Spanglish is part of your daily vida
41. Fútbol is amazing.
42. You’ve learned amazing Spanglish…I’m :dar-ing, haciendo-ing, caminar-ing, comer-ing, beber-ing
43. You know where the closest McDonald’s is and you use it in directions you give out.
44. You know what Turron is.
45. You love arroz con huevos y salsa de tomate
46. You have gotten wine in a personal-size
47. You know what the Chinos are, and when they are open...24-7
48. You have seen buildings that are older than our country.
49. You know where Gijón is, and how to say it like an Asturian, like a Spaniard and like an American
50. You have seen Pizza boys on Mopeds.
51. You’ve been surprised to see a ¨big¨car.
52. You love la calle Gascona
53. Gazpacho, you know what it is...and ya like it.
54. You have seen old people AND babies! out at 2 am
55. You know the difference because tengo calor y estoy caliente.
56. You have been stopped at the plaza and asked if you speak English.
57. You have walked an hour to school
58. You have gotten funny looks when you have your laptop out in the school.
59. Vale, pues, venga
60. It’s not hasta luego, it´s hadalugo
61. You write on graph paper and not lined paper.
62. You have found the horrible truth that double spacing is not normal.
63. You have learned the true meaning of a cell phone bill.
64. Yelling is not yelling...it’s just excited chatter.
65. Personal space = 0cm.
66. You have seen pointy elf looking shoes.
67. You know fichas are a rare commodity.
68. You know what a café con leche GRANDE is, and love it.
69. You know where to find cheap tickets.
70. You have seen porn on TV under news.
71.You can’t hang a Spanish flag…EVER!
72. Asturianu= Xixon
73. You study Perfecto but never ever use it in a conversation
74. You pour your own sidra and the waiter will never come back to your table
75. You’ve come to love the sour taste of sidra
76. puxa asturies!
77.You either love or hate Fabada asturiana
78. You miss proper cheddar cheese!
79. You long for bacon sanwiches
80. You've been accosted by drunk strangers in Gijón and you called it "Gi-jun" when retelling the story
81. you say "cojer" in the US or latin american and forget that it means "to fuck" over on this side of the pond
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