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What customs from Asturies does your family still keep?
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Autor Mensaxe

Rexistrau: 10 Xin 2009
Mensaxes: 5
Llugar: Illinois

MensaxePublicao: Mar Xin 13, 2009 4:13 pm    Asuntu: San Timoteo in Luarca Responder citando

Hi, I have been many times to San Timoteo in Luarca my dad lives in Saliente about 5km inland. Sadly I was only during vaccation time in Spain because I grew up in Germany. Many things I love I never learned to make. Martina

Jitensha Plumió:
Yeah I've always been brought up eating Asturian food! I'm only 18 but I love cooking it too! My Grandmother showed me how to make Potaje and Tortilla years ago, and it really is delicious. Good thing for me my boyfriend loves it too Very Happy My mother (who is Cuban) cooks Asturian food all the time. I am 3rd generation Asturian, but to tell you the truth, its the culture I keep closest to my heart. My grandparents moved from Brieves to Uruguay where they had my father and Aunt, and finally moved here when my father was 17. Since the day I was born, I wasnt seen as Cuban, Uruguayen, or even American, I was a new Asturian who would keep traditions going another generation. Every month we have someones birthday party here in Miami, which we celebrate with Asturian songs, chorizo, tortilla, and depending who's birthday it is we might have some fabada. My parents have been taking me to Spain since I was 2, and we all have a small apartment in Salinas, about 45min from Oviedo. There is nothing like living in Spain, especially in Asturias. Being a kid and going to the festival of Prau and our local summer festivals was so much fun! My most favorite had to have been the San Timoteo festival in Luarca! what memories, jejeje! We try and keep all of our traditions going on here in the U.S. as much as we can. My car is filled with Asturian stuff (lol) and at one point had to dress up as an Asturian girl for Halloween (us girls ofcourse). At parties we serve eachother culins of sidra and dance to music of the gaita. All in all I hope we can preserve our Asturian culture, and maybe next year I can go back to Salinas for the summer and have some helado de turon (yum!)
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Raquel M

Rexistrau: 30 Xin 2009
Mensaxes: 609
Llugar: USA

MensaxePublicao: Mar Mar 03, 2009 11:36 pm    Asuntu: Hola!!!! Responder citando

Yo soy Cubana y vivo en Miami,Florida,
leyendo las recetas me doy cuenta que
todas las tradiciones de nuestra familia
eran Asturianas....bueno, yo sigo haciendo
el arroz con pollo los domingos....el pastel
para Pascua de Resurreccion, los potajes,
le mieto miedo a los ninos con el Coco y
el Hombre del Saco...le rezo a Santa Barbara
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