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Comparison of Languages

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Rexistrau: 24 Feb 2003
Mensaxes: 1740
Llugar: Connecticut and Massachusetts

MensaxePublicao: Sab Mar 31, 2012 9:37 am    Asuntu: Comparison of Languages Responder citando

Here is a brief comparison selected features of Sardinian, Spanish, Catalan, Asturianu, Portuguese, Gallego and Italian. It's written in Sardinian (Sardu), but is not too difficult for anyone who reads Spanish. I found it quite interesting

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Rexistrau: 15 Ago 2006
Mensaxes: 837
Llugar: Yaoundé

MensaxePublicao: Llu Abr 02, 2012 12:31 pm    Asuntu: Sardu Responder citando

I find those endings in "u" in Sardinian interesting. Not sure if it's a result of Latin diluting into previous indigenous languages or if the opposite, the local languages bleeding into the Latin. Basque also has interesting "u" endings for names and since that's closer to Asturias, I wonder if it's a vestige of the previous language.

On the Sardinian topic, though, apparently the incidence of G M201 haplotypes there, according to genetic research, is quite high, as in West Asturias. The G M201 has been traced to the Caucasus (Georgia, Ossetia) and is thought to be an expansion linked to the Neolithic Revolution. Interestingly, this is the part of the world where I found near-duplicates of the Asturian horreos on stilts.

Anyway, here is a YouTube clip of the area with the highest incidence of G M201 haplotypes, Ossetia. The similarities to Asturias are easy to make and perhaps completely off mark, but it's got me thinking whether during the Neolithic, people tended to settle in areas where the natural environment was familiar to them.

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Site Admin

Rexistrau: 17 Feb 2003
Mensaxes: 4498
Llugar: Maryland

MensaxePublicao: Mar Abr 03, 2012 12:16 am    Asuntu: Responder citando

Wow, there are a lot of similarities! Thanks, Is, that's an interesting video.


¡Vaya, hay tantos similitudes! Gracias, Is, es un video muy interesante.
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