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Asturias, a northern Spanish region on the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay), has been a center of mining and metallurgy for thousands of years. Between 1900 and 1924, thousands of Spaniards emigrated from Asturias to the United States. Many of those immigrating were skilled workers who followed the zinc, coal, and other heavy industry to the New World. Others were led by family ties, a desire to avoid military service, or the promise of adventure.

These Asturian immigrants established an informal but lively network which connected Spain, Cuba, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, California, and other locations within the US.

The purpose of the Asturian-American Migration Forum is:

  • to bring together the descendants of families who migrated from Asturias, contemporary Asturians, and interested others,
  • to promote learning about Asturian culture,
  • to explore the broad social networks connecting Asturian immigrant communities to one another and to Spain,
  • to discuss common interests, and
  • to share family histories and experiences.

Although we have a special interest in our Asturian ancestors and their neighbors, our forum is open to all.

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