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[A] Asturianu
[C] Castilian Spanish
[E] English
[F] French

The Arts

Asturian Popular Art castellano/vida21.htm  [C]
Pre-Romanesque Asturian Architecture
photos: [E]
Paleolithic cave art in the Cantabrian region (ranging from Asturias into France) [E]
Three Generations of Asturian-American Painters: Emilio Fernández Alvarez, Honnie Amor Wagner, & Art Zoller Wagner [E]

Asturian Communities

Carcedo, Valdés, Asturias (photos, typical foods, fiestas, & other resources) [C]
Parish of Santo Domingo de Miranda, Asturias (community & parish resources) [C]
Worldwide Asturian centers
All Centros Asturianos: [C]
New York City: [E,C]
Centro Asturiano de Tampa: [E]


Asturian recipes [C] [C] [C] [C] [C]|Gastronom%C3%ADa|Recetas/es [C]

Folkloric Groups

Asociación de Folclore Azabache: Traditional dance, music, clothing, educational activities, etc. (Gijón) [C]

Genealogy [E]
Barbour County, West Virginia Genealogy (part of the WVGen Web Project) [E]
Genealogía de Asturias - Genealogy of Asturias (a Yahoo group) [E,C]
Harrison County, West Virginia Genealogy (part of the WVGen Web Project) [E]
Hispanic Local History and Genealogy in the United States (The Library of Congress) [E]
Registro Civil, Ministerio de Justicia (Spanish Civil Registry): birth, death, & marriage records [C]


Asturian government [C]
Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC [E,C]


Asturies Memoria Celta: Asturian history & culture [A,C,E,F]
Museo del Pueblo de Asturias (an ethnological musuem in Gijón) [C]
Spanish history [E] [E]

Immigration & Emigration

Ellis Island On-Line (New York) [E]
Fundación Archivo de Indianos: Museo de la Emigración (Colombres, Asturias) [C]
Hispanic Local History and Genealogy in the United States (part of larger bibliography by US Library of Congress) [E]
Spaniards in Southern West Virginia (partial Goldenseal article by Tom Hidalgo) [E]


L'Academia de la Llingua Asturiana (Academy of the Asturian Language) [A]
Diccionario General de la Lengua Asturiana (DGLA) de Xosé Lluis García Arias (on-line) [A]
Asturianu, the language [E]
Bron: an argot (vocabulary & idioms) used by Asturian itinerant tinkers (includes language samples, vocabulary, & history of these copper workers) [C, Bron]
Diccionario de la Lengua Espanola: Real Academia Española (on-line Spanish dictionary) [C]
Sociolinguistic Report: "Asturian in Spain" an/i1/i1.html [E]


Asturian folk tales [A]
Corsino, Corsino's autobiography about laaving Asturias as a child and returning as an adult
Our affiliate link to Corsino on [E]
Pinnick Kinnick Hill, an Asturian-American immigrant memoir by Gavin Gonzalez
Our affiliate link to Pinnick Kinnick Hill at [E]


Asturian gaita (bagpipe), Asturian tambor (drum), & Gijón's Museo de la Gaita [A,C, some E]
Construction of traditional musical instruments (mostly Iberian instruments: photos, sound samples, instructions, etc.) [C]
Galician gaita (bagpipe) & the gaita in general [E]
Terminology of Iberian musical instruments [C]
US Gaita Asturiana: email list for North Americans who play or are learning to play the Asturian bagpipes (discussion, photos, midi files, guides, sheet music) [E]

Mythology of Asturias

Retelling the Legends of Asturias [A,C,E?]


Picos de Europa: tourist info, photos, etc. for this rugged mountain region of Asturias [C]
Protecting Spanish fauna [C,E]

Periodicals & Media

Asturnews (LLanera, Asturias) [A] Diariu Electrónicu Asturianu (Gijón & Oviedo, Asturias) [A]
Clarksburg Exponent Telegram (West Virginia) [E]
El Comercio (Gijón, Asturias) [C]
La Nueva España (Oviedo, Asturias) [C]
La Voz de Asturias (Oviedo, Asturias) [C]

Photos & Videos of Asturias

Videos, photos, and articles related to Asturian culture and tourism [E] [E]
Aerial photos of Asturian towns and cities: Asturias desde el cielo por Robert B. Haas [C]
La Fototeca del Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies / Photo Library of the Museum of the People of Asturias [C]


The Archdiocese of Asturias (information leading to parishes, sociological data by region, etc.) [C]


Asturian Internet Directory [C,A]
Weather in Asturias [E]
White Pages for Spanish phone numbers [C]
Yellow Pages for Spanish phone numbers [C]


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Amazon (books, music, DVD, electronics, clothing, toys, games, etc.)
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La Tienda, Williamsburg, Virginia (Asturian foods, books, paella supplies, fans, botas, ceramics, glass, tiles, perfumes, gifts, etc.)
Our affiliate link for La Tienda [E]
Pinnick Kinnick Hill, an American Story by Gavin Gonzalez
Amazon: asturianameri-20 [E]

Tourism, Travel, & Maps

El Caminoreal: Detailed info on Asturian tourism, including: parks, beaches, hiking suggestions, museums and monuments, nature, foods, mythology, history, etc. [C]
Guiastur: Very comprehensive info on Asturian tourism, towns, culture, foods, festivals, press, sports, businesses, Centros Asturianos; photo album, etc. [C]
Guide to Western Asturias (tourist info, map, towns, hotels, restaurants, photos, language, foods, weather, archeology, & much more) [C, some E & A]
Maps of Asturias [C] [C]
Sociedad Regional de Turismo del Principado de Asturias [C, E] (links to tourist info including: towns, hotels, restaurants, maps, etc.) [C]

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